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Nothing Really Matters lyrics


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     Nothing Really Matters
    >> Madonna
        When I was very young
    Nothing really mattered to me
    But making myself happy
    I was the only one

    Now that I am grown
    Everything's changed
    I'll never be the same
    Because of you


    Nothing really matters
    Love is all we need
    Everything I give you
    All comes back to me

    Looking at my life
    It's very clear to me
    I lived so selfishly
    I was the only one

    I realize
    That nobody wins
    Something is ending
    And something begins

    (chorus, repeat)

    Nothing takes the past away
    Like the future
    Nothing makes the darkness go
    Like the light

    You're shelter from the storm
    Give me comfort in your arms

    (chorus, repeat and fade)
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